Hello, Hello Kitty: Training Partner and CAH Advocate

I have a friend, Shawnee. We have not actually met because she lives in Colorado and Merrill and I live in North Carolina. The three of us are in a Facebook group together, The Sub-30 Club. There are more than 4,000 members who have the same goal - be the best runner they can with the help and encouragement of all the other members. The written goal is to run a 5K (3.1 miles) under 30 minutes as set out by the creator, Ted Spiker. We are a great big happy (most of the time) group!

Shawnee had been training for her first IRONMAN Boulder 70.3 since last year. Then in February of this year one of the other members of Sub-30 who was training for his own races was diagnosed with cancer. Shawnee wanted to train in his honor, but she needed a "training partner." Timothy's favorite character is Snoopy. Sooooooo, all throughout her training Shawnee had Snoopy along with her: bike rides, runs, at the edge of the pool and he met a variety of people both while training and in daily life.
Snoopy and Shawnee
There are people in your life that have such an influence that the things you do are because they were able to overcome and defeat some challenge. Shawnee is that person for me. She overcame great obstacles to achieve her goal of participating in a Half IRONMAN. Then in the past couple of weeks Shawnee has been having some medical issues. I wasn't sure if she could continue training for her next IRONMAN. I got to thinking about training in her honor. But, what could I use to have as my training partner for what she can't do? She LIKES Hello Kitty! Yes, that Hello Kitty. The one a lot of us grew up with as kids in school.

This one...
Notice she has a cast, too.

Not only is Hello Kitty (HK) my training partner, she has Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia like I have, so she will need to make sure that she takes care of herself. I want HK to be a bridge to children with CAH so they can see that with proper management it is possible to do difficult things. GO HK!!!!!!!!!

Here she is with the all important Medic Alert bracelet. I have had one pretty much my whole life. She is wearing it while I have my cast and probably beyond. Guess I will need to get a new one. I have my Road ID on the wrist opposite my cast.
HK now goes with me (almost) everywhere. She had her first outing to the Mecklenburg Aquatic Center. I was a little very concerned about how it would go, but Anna, who is in charge of lessons at the Aquatic Center, completely embraced the idea and has suggestions for future pictures. HK even tried some bike training, also. It wore her out and she got to drink her new favorite post workout beverage, Zyn Smoothies.

In the past few days she has kept the seat of my bike warm since I can't ride, went on her first outdoor workout (run) and got to visit the local Fox News newsroom and schmoozed with one of the morning show anchors. I may be hoping that there will be a possible news story. :)

So, that is a somewhat quick (LOL) explanation of what I hinted at in my last post. HK is my new partner through the duration of training. She will be there for every moment up until at least IRONMAN Raleigh...and beyond.


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