Never lose sight of your goal

This is my newest accessory. It will be with me for a MINIMUM of 8 weeks. Yes, I said that is a minimum length of time. I will get it off in 4 weeks to take an updated x-ray to track the healing progress, but back on goes another cast. Thankfully, I do have the use of my fingers. That is huge!

NEVER lose sight of your goal! That is my constant phrase as I face the recovery period for my wrist. What is my goal? As I said in my first post, a Half IRONMAN by my birthday next June. That is why the first thing I did was have The Wife draw the IRONMAN logo on the cast. It is a constant reminder that no matter what has happened I cannot give up the my GOAL. Getting red was an intentional thing once I sorted through all the color choice. I definitely didn't want Panthers blue, Duke Blue or Carolina Blue. Red is the IRONMAN color.

I have had to give up on my first triathlon at the end of July. That makes me extremely sad, but I was hurt while training and I can take solace in that. The cool thing is that The Wife is still going to participate. I will be the most proud husband out there cheering her on to the finish of her first triathlon. There may even be some cowbell ringing as she finishes each section and goes through each transition.

What can I do? I have been given the clearance to run and ride a stationary bike. I could ride a regular bike, but it would be the front brake I could only use and the chance of me going head over front wheel scares me. :) This opens up the opportunity to do Duathlons (run and bike) if there are any from fall to the end of the year.

NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR GOAL! That can apply to so much in life. Chin up! There could be so many other things that could be worse. This is only a hiccup.

#triathlon #IRONMAN

Update -
Please take time to follow this link ( to learn about my journey with CAH and how you may help support the work of the CAH Clinic. This is a major reason I am doing all of this. Thank you in advance!

I slip this last part in because it is something I do not like to do, but it will help me out in the pursuit of my goal by age 49 and then eventually age 50. If any of you know a business, individual or something I may not be aware of that would sponsor or support someone doing what I am, feel free to contact me or visit Any help would be appreciated. I would make any supporter proud to be involved with me and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.