It's not always for me

Sometimes a work out is not what you planned it to be. No, not that it was a bad workout. But, the motive behind it has changed.

Yesterday, Hello Kitty and I were at the Aquatic Center doing 30 minutes on the treadmill and then an unplanned, but much enjoyed, 30 minutes on the stationary bike. As The Wife can tell you, I don't usually think about much when I am running, riding or swimming (when I could do that). She know this because she'll tell me her exercise thoughts and I'll tell her that I don't believe I thought of anything...besides getting through it.
This day was VERY different. My brain did start thinking during the workout. I don't know if it was the music I was listening to, the atmosphere or that I was sweating up a storm, but I thought of people. People who aren't able to do what I was doing or who would have a difficult time doing it.

Who are these people?

First and foremost...the children receiving services at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Congenital adrenal Hyperplasia Clinic. As a child with CAH, you can do quite a lot, but there need to be planning, monitoring and review of what you did. This is to make sure you are ok. I can most definitely say, been there/done that A LOT! Hello Kitty is learning to deal with her CAH diagnosis. She did drink plenty of water and had her Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte electrolyte pills at the planned on time.
Secondly...there are people in the run group I belong to that are on the IRC (Injured Reserve Club). For whatever reason, they have physical limitations at the time that prevent exercise. There were three people who came to mind that I dedicated the run to - Kris, his wife Jenny and sister Dara. Kris is having some health issues that need to be attended to before he can workout. It's always amazing who you think about in times of physical exertion.

Lastly, there is my friend Shawnee. She continues to be perplexed by what is ailing her (the electrodes are driving her crazy) and the doctor's and specialists seem to be also. HK is always a reminder of her.

While I am limited in what I can do (no swimming or bike riding) and that frustrates the heck out of me, I am still able to run and get on a stationary bike. So for those 60 total minutes I broke a sweat that wasn't only for my own good, but for anyone that needed a little extra thought and prayer.


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