The bike brings us together

"I want my kids to see that I made a goal, that I stuck to the goal, and that really this is such a huge feat. I want them to..." know that their Dad raced an IRONMAN 70.3!

The original message was said by Kate Gosselin of TV fame.  While I never watched her show, this statement came in a running calendar that I had last year and Merrill saved when we were training for the Marine Corps Marathon. It's a statement that I want M1, G and M2 to see in my training and participation.
G, M1 and M2
The other day I had M1 and M2 with me. We were driving around running some errands and one was stopping at a couple local bike shops (LBS). I hesitated about doing it because I didn't want to be "dragging them around" to places that were boring. Merrill said, "Take them. Its showing them what interests you."  She was wives usually are.

The second shop we went to was Performance Bicycle. While some people may be familiar that it is a national chain, the store is locally run.  From the moment I walked in the proverbial saying about a kid in a candy shop was accurate. There was the smell of bikes, new clothes, new everything. I was THAT kid in a candy shop.

The fun part was that M1 and M2 took off on their own to look at things. I believe it was bike clothing first. Then who knows what, but I do know that they were playing "Would you eat this?" in the fueling section. There were Clif Blocks. "Yum, the strawberry would be good!," said M2. She then wondered how something can taste like cherry blossom. M1 looked at other things. I pointed out that Honey Stinger waffles are quite delicious. M1 thought those sounded really good. I settled on some Hammer gels, Montana Huckleberry, Espresso and Raspberry.  M1 was kind of intrigued by the espresso.

We finished up by looking at a bike that the salesman said may be a good bike for me to get for the triathlons I want to do. It was a Fuji Transonic 2.8 Road Bike. I had looked at it when it was shown to me. What I hadn't done was take the bike out of the rack and lift it. When I did, I could not believe the weight or more like, the lack of weight. I had M1 and M2 lift the bike. Both of them almost threw the bike to the ceiling because they expected it to be much heavier than it was.

Overall, this was a moment for the three of us to bond over what interests me.


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