A picture is worth...well, at least some words

It's been a while since I have written.  Life has been getting in the way a lot. That's not an excuse, just a reality.

So, this post will primarily be a picture blog.  I hope you enjoy.

Last Saturday, Sept. 24, Merrill and I signed up for a race at the last minute. The Hiddenite Festival Road Races (half-marathon, 10K, 5K) were being held in the tiny city of Hiddenite.  That is a little more than an hour north of our home.  I had originally signed up for the half-marathon to run with Merrill. I decided the morning of the race to switch to the 10K. It was a smart move. The race description of hilly was extremely accurate. I felt great following the race, though.
This is where the 10K participants were dropped off. It was in the middle of nowhere. On one side was the lone Porta-Potty and on the other side was a field of corn. Merrill was dropped off 6 miles away since she was running the half-marathon. She told me that they had indoor pluming at the church where they were dropped off.
Some of you may be aware that Merrill and I take a selfie before every race. Even if only one of us is running. This race we needed to be a little creative. Since we were separated by six miles this side-by-side picture is our selfie. Can't you see our arms around each other? Well, imagine that they would be.
This picture is pretty self-explanatory. It is the starting line (literally, a line) in the middle of the road. Every so often the shout of "Car!" would tell us to get out of the road. We waited behind the line anticipating the announcement via a walkie-talkie that "the race has started." It was pretty anticlimactic. Small town races are some of the best for exactly this reason.
Yes, both my feet are off the ground!
Two cups of cold water to finish out the race.
The finish line. Not much else to say. The times reflect the how the HILLS affected us and it was HOT!. Maybe one of the hottest races we've run in and there wasn't much shade on the course.
The next day, Merrill and I went for a bike ride. A simple, steady, not strenuous bike ride. Our legs and gluteous-maximus were still feeling the hills from the day before. As we were finishing up, I saw a deer out of the corner of my eye. I applied the brake, maybe a little hard, and slowly walked the back to see this deer. We went on to see four young deer and another adult.
This last picture represents the beginning of my competition quest for IRONMAN 70.3 Raleigh. Hello Kitty is firmly stuck to my bike helmet for Sunday's Tri at the Trump sprint triathlon. It will be my first ever triathlon.

It also represents my continued mission to raise awareness about the Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Clinic at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, http://www.chla.org/congenital-adrenal-hyperplasia-cah-clinic and Cares Foundation, caresfoundation.org. In my pursuit to participate in a Half IRONMAN, I will be raising awareness and funds for the CAH Clinic and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Next month, I will be traveling to California to attend a camp specifically for children and families with adrenal conditions and many with CAH. I am excited for this opportunity.

I slip this last part in because it is something I do not like to do, but will help me out in the pursuit of my goal by age 49 and then eventually age 50. If any of you know a business, individual or something I may not be aware of that would sponsor or support someone doing what I am, feel free to contact me or visit gofundme.com/triingby50cahawareness. Any help would be appreciated.

The next time I write, I will be a TRIATHLETE.