This is my motivation!

"He did that?!?!"

I AM CAH!!!!

A mother of a young man with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) said that to her cousin, Cate Stadleman, when she was told I have a done a marathon and now training for triathlons. It made me smile and be proud of what that meant to the mother. There are things that people with CAH can do that may otherwise be considered out of reach.

As I have said before and will continue saying, my goal through all of this training and competing (can't really call what I do competing) in triathlons and ultimately IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta is to empower children and families that are living with CAH. For me this all personal. Living with CAH is frustrating and there is too much that is still unknown. The questions I was asked at The Painted Turtle Camp in Nov. 2016 were personal. The families just wanted to know that THEIR child is "normal" and has an opportunity in life.

When I began the journey last summer with Children's Hospital Los Angeles Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Clinic I didn't fully understand what I was getting myself into. I knew that I was offering myself to work with the hospital in some way. It has become so much more than that.

Every workout I do (swim, bike, ride or strength train) I need to think about how my body will react during a race. It's a game of how to replenish my cortisol levels, my electrolytes and my fluids. I reflect on how it must be for a child/family and doctors to figure out this game on a daily schedule. That is the work the doctors and staff do at the CAH Clinic.

What would your donation to the CAH Clinic do? Co-directors of the CAH Clinic, Drs. Mitch Geffner and Mimi Kim lead a team of staff that is constantly working to understand CAH better through research and long-term studies about the effects of CAH on children at different ages all the way to young adulthood. They also offer education and support for families, such as education days, family camps and group events.

This is why I ask for any support than can be given. Donations to help the CAH Clinic may be made through my CHLA fundrasing page:

If you would ever like me to come speak to your group about my life with CAH and my Tri-ing By 50 goals, please feel free to reach out to me. I would be thrilled to spread the word.

Of course, I am always open to any kind of support of my journey. Contact me directly if you or someone or some business would have that ability.


If you could help, no amount is too small, please visit: Go Fund Me.