THURSDAY - The day I realized that am truly training for IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta


Thursday is a day of the week. It is the fourth day of the week. It falls after Wednesday and before Friday. Generally it is a pretty overlooked day of the week.

Thursday night's used to be Merrill and I watching one of our three weekly shows. For those of you in the United States it is "Chicago Med".  I then would get the coffee maker ready for the next morning, go upstairs and get ready for bed. Then crawl into bed for a peaceful night's sleep. We have two cats and a dog, nothing is peaceful.

What happens now? The show still gets watched. The things go completely different. Merrill goes upstairs to get ready for bed. I set up to ride the trainer to ride for an hour. Living in a townhome makes it a necessity to setup and take down everything for the trainer. This takes a little bit, so by the time I get everything ready it is around 10:20-ish. I ride for an hour (for now) while watching my new favorite show, "Sherlock" (See Maggie, I told you it's my favorite!). After that, I head upstairs, see my wife sleeping, shower and then climb into my comfy bed. Unfortunately, I am still amped up so I need to look at InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. When I start falling asleep with my phone in my hand I know it is time to turn out the light. It's around 12:15 a.m. by this time.

This post was started on Friday, Feb. 10. I am now finishing it on Monday, Feb. 13. Why do I say this?

Here is the simple answer: This past weekend, I finally began feeling as if I am truly training for triathlons, specifically IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta. I have a ways to go, but finally it feeling like this is real. Late nights, no early mornings yet, and rearranging schedules to get in training has become a reality. Thankfully, I have a wife that supports me and encourages me to do this lifestyle. That is one way of saying Happy Valentine's Day, Merrill!
Hello Kitty is worn out after a 5-mile run
in the mid-winter heat!
Also, in the middle of my 5-mile run this weekend I was able to share my card that has all my links to explain why I run with Hello Kitty. Every contact is more visibility for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Clinic. I continue my work.

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