Believe In Yourself! Awesomeness will follow!

My wonderfully beautiful wife said this is me!

There's nothing better than awesomeness. At least, that's how I am starting to think. As I have  said, that is thanks to my wife Merrill. Someday, I will write about that, but just a little peak into my awesomeness.

The past three weeks have been event after event after event.

I wrote about the first event when I participated in the Hagan Stone Park Duathlon. That is the event that almost "killed" me. Well, the bike portion almost did.
Hello Kitty is ready to have her pickles.
The night before Tobacco Road Marathon/Half-Marathon
we met some friend from The Sub-30 Group.

Then on April 18, Merrill and I drove up to the Raleigh-Durham area, Cary to be specific, to participate in the Tobacco Road Marathon/Half-Marathon. We got to meet some friends who have lived in our phones up until the. They are members from the Sub-30 Group. Merrill kicked booty in the marathon (26.2 miles) besting her Personal Record by 17 minutes. She is a BEAST! I was so proud of her and there may have been more than a few tears shed while celebrating her accomplishment. While I "only" did the half-marathon (13.1 miles), in my own way I kicked booty! It took me a couple of days to say that. I tend to have a hard time accepting that I did something well. Merrill was extremely proud of my accomplishment. I had my best half-marathon time in almost two years! Hello Kitty set her half-marathon Personal Record! Every hour I ran, I was good and took my three Hydrocortisone tablets and hydrated with my special Infinit blend.
It was still dark before the start of Tobacco Road.

Hello Kitty was safely strapped in for the 13.1 mile run!

Merrill proudly ringing the Personal Record bell!

Last weekend, April 25, we both ran in the Elizabeth 8K. It is a local race that runs through a beautiful Charlotte neighborhood. I kept to my intervals that I have set for myself. This brought me to my second best 8K time in the three years of running I have been doing.
Hello Kitty got to meet her singing idol,
The Big E at the Elizabeth 8K!

This shows the beauty of the race and Charlotte, NC, and also the individualness of running.
I am the red dot in the middle.

The next two weeks I have two more events, the Harrisburg 10K, and the Bunny Run 5K in Concord, NC.

Then at the end of this month, I have my second ever triathlon, Huntersville Sprint Triathlon. It is a pool swim, which should be a good start to the year! I am excitedly nervous.
Pool training continues.

My next blog will be about this and the impact that it has had:


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