The House Whisperers

I have not disappeared. I am still here.
Let me tell what's going on that has sidetracked me from doing a race report for the Huntersville Sprint Triathlon. My wife and I are in the middle of selling our house and looking for one to buy. Well, we have our house under contract, but it's crazy trying to find one. Not really difficult to find one, but difficult to find one that we can make an offer on and have that offer accepted. Every house has multiple offers. We have yet to have our offer chosen or it is too late to make an offer because it is already sold. So, the search continues and the stress builds.

We have taken to calling ourselves the Houses Whisperers. If someone wants there house to be sold, they need to have us come through and it will sell!

Also, I have continued training. IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta is quickly approaching.


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