Advocating, Awareness Building and Faith

UPDATE: Let me start by saying that we are no longer House Whisperers. We had an offer accepted and on July 10 we will close on the sale of our townhome and also on the home we are buying. For my triathlete friends, there is a detached storage shed with electricity and a window air conditioner. What does that mean? I will be able to ride the trainer out there without taking up space in the house and making bothersome noise.
What do I want to say to begin this post? THANK YOU to everyone of my followers on whatever social platform got you here! Without all of you, however you are tied to me, I couldn't do the craziness I am doing.

June is CAH Awareness Month. For those not aware or new to my blog, CAH is Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. There are a few prior posts that explain what it is and what I have been doing regarding it.
I have been a little down lately about training and my advocating and awareness building for CAH and Children's Hospital Los Angeles CAH Clinic. These may seem like two different issues, but they really are one.

Today, June 5, 2017, is the day that my IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta training truly kicks in. My goal for the race is to finish. That may seem like a flaky goal, but for me and for those that follow me it is a HUGE goal. It has been a conversation I have had with Merrill. She will be my butt-kicking, responsible, keep me on task accountability partner. This is a little scary to me because she can be tough! (I love you, Honey!) For me, who has CAH, I don't know how doing the three different disciplines on race day will affect my body. All the training and preparation won't even come close to race day stress. For that reason, finishing is my goal. In future races I will work on getting better.

Let me share my Facebook post from yesterday. It will explain my feeling towards advocating and awareness building. It will also start to explain the picture at the top of this post:

I have written about my reach within the United States and beyond. It is beyond my comprehension amazing. In this virtual world we live in, the only feedback I get is replies or likes on what I am placing on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Usually, this is more than enough to keep me going. Lately, I have felt like I am not doing enough. This feeling all changed with a message I received a month or so ago.

Rebecca Lemley is taking on the incredible task of creating a camp, Camp Cortisol for families with children, and as I found out some adults, affected with Adrenal Insufficiencies. One being CAH and Salt-wasting CAH. We have been chatting about CAH, the camp and many other things associated with CAH. Rebecca said it would be great if I could come to the camp and be with those attending. After coming up with too many reasons to not go, none of which were legitimate, my accountability partner (Yes, Merrill) convinced me to go in August. Rebecca asked if I would want to speak at the camp. If you have followed me long enough you will know that I have NO PROBLEM speaking about CAH. I can't wait to go to the camp, meet people I have only known virtually, train for IRONMAN 70.3 Augusta and speak about my life with CAH.

This past weekend, I also heard from my wonderful friends Dr. Mitch Geffner and Mimi Kim from the CAH Clinic at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. They are continuously working for CAH.

Life truly does go around in circles, but then veers off into another direction. It is all for the good of CAH!

If you could help, no amount is too small, please visit: Go Fund Me.