I got angry at CAH

My Facebook and Instagram post on Saturday, 1/20

This past Saturday I experienced something that I really haven't felt before while training for an event. As Merrill and I were getting ready to run our 12 mile, I got upset. I was gathering up everything I needed beyond running clothes.

This is a simple picture of what it looks like. There are the water bottles, the Camelbak, Hello Kitty, the INFINIT hydration solution, the Solu-Cortef emergency shot, the pickles, the list goes on and on. Or, it seems that way.

Merrill was ready and I just couldn't get it together. I snapped! The message I sent out was my feelings at the moment. I know we are all allowed to get frustrated, even angry.

Once we got out on the road and ran our 12 miles, some of it carefully bacause of lingering ice patches, all was right with the world.

Moral of the story: Get angry. It is normal and part of life. I do NOT hate CAH. It is who I am and as I have said, I AM CAH and a CAH Warrior!

I am so looking forward to the Tobacco Road Marathon on March 18. I haven't felt this good in a long time.
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