Marathon #2 is fast approaching, We are READY!

Merrill has told me that I need to post more. I will work on that...

Extremely important news: my website ( is up! Tri-ing By 50 is now in the 21st Century!

March 18 is fast approaching. What is special about that day? It will be the day I run my second marathon, Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, NC. What else is special about that marathon? Merrill and I will be running it together. We aren't doing the race at the same time, each of us running our own pace. No, we will be running side-by-side for the whole 26.2 miles. We will cross the finish line together in triumph. While this will be my second marathon, it will be Merrill's fourth. She is a BEAST!

Getting here has been a roller-coaster. Training hasn't always been consistent. Life has presented some obstacles. There was a coming to terms moment a month or so ago that both of us were concerned I would not be ready. Then the past few weeks have happened!
First there was Hot Chocolate 15K Charlotte. We did this for the first time in Atlanta a few years ago. 15K is a different distance, plus there is hot chocolate and chocolate at the end...who wouldn't want to do that! There weren't many expectations. We did want to set new 15K personal records. It was a misty run, but fun...except when Merrill passed me and said, "What's up slick?" At the moment I wasn't too thrilled with that. I got over it and we had fun.

The next week was the Charlotte 10-miler. Well, the Charlotte 10-miler, plus 6 more miles afterward because marathon training called for 16 miles. For this race, ran it together the whole time. It was good to get our pacing together. Beforehand we met up with Carol Rodd and a friend of hers. She is a principal in the school district Merrill and I work in, and shes a fellow triathlete! During the race, around mile 8, I finally got to meet Kelli Lash. She is a fellow adrenal insufficient warrior and has children with it, also. We had been virtually communicating for many months.
Carol Rodd in the green visor!
Kelli Lash
A photo I have never had, but absolutely love!

The past two weeks we have had 18 mile long runs on the schedule. I think Merrill wondered how I would do. Two weeks ago it was warmer than usual. Yes, it was the end of February and we were in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. It was a fantastic run that set us up for our race! Our times for the first 9 miles and second 9 miles were absolutely identical. Yee Haw!!!!
Preparation for an 18 mile run
 with a Salt Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Warrior!

The end of 18-miles! Hot and worn out!

Finally, we ran this weekend. The temps were cooler. Our final pace was quicker than anything we ever imagined! Woo Hoo!!!! There was a scary moment when Merrill had a major asthma episode around 16.5 miles. It hit fast and was scary. There is a reason that inhalers are called rescue inhalers. It truly rescued her. We walked the final mile and a half. She recovered quickly, but it knocked her out for the rest of the day.
When you forget the traditional pre-race selfie
 you take it where you got the food that sounded delicious, Sabor Latin Grill!

What does this all mean? We are READY! Tapering begins and we plan for the trip up to Cary!

I want to give a great big shout out to Infinit Performance Nutrition and Colin who works thre. He dialed in a blend that has worked great for the long runs. I was concerned about hunger in the later miles. He dialed me in and seems to have gotten it right. Also, my dosing with Hydrocortisone seems to be on spot. I take 5 mg every 5.2 miles.

Bring on March 18 and the Tobacco Road Marathon!

There has been one unfortunate thing that happened last week. My triathlon and marathon chariot was rear ended. I am ok. Unfortunately, my car is in the shop to get repaired. I did save the magnets on the back!
I did remember to take off the magnets.
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