The elusive 70.3 medal

When I began Tri-ing by 50 almost two years ago in 2016, I had a goal. I have come to realize that goals can be difficult to obtain. Does that stop me?!?! NOPE! Those that know me, and those who have come to know me, know that this Salt-Wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Warrior does not stop. He may suffer setbacks, emotional drains and every other emotion and physical state associated with training and competing, but he keeps going.

What keeps me going? That is an easy answer. You! Those that follow me and read my stories. Those that have children with CAH/AI (Adrenal Insufficiency). Those with CAH/AI. Anyone that has ever reached out to me or stayed quiet in the background has kept me going.
Looking good in my personalized Tri-ing By 50 TBD Racing trisuit!

I did get a compliment becasue of how I looked in one of the pictures. That was such a boost! When the work you put in is noticed, it makes it all worth it!

This last weekend I attempted another 70.3 triathlon. The Mountains to Main Street 70.3 was a beautiful lake swim, followed by a very rural and hilly bike ride and then finished with a run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, South Carolina. Attempted is the keyword. I finished the swim, exhausted, and a few miles on the bike. I will take what I learned from this event and apply it to future events. It was a fun event because Merrill ran the half-marathon. She learned races that are a majority downhill are hard on the quads!
Merrill right after the Half Marathon!

I also got to hangout with a friend/"coworker," Carol Rodd. She is a principal at a school in the district I work in. Carol killed it in the triathlon and I got to see her finish a very difficult race.
Carol and I right before starting the swim.
The two of us the day before the race.
Someday I will get to have the Half-IRON distance 70.3 finisher's medal. I believe this will happen. You know how I know? Well, it goes back to my first triathlon when Merrill told someone, "I know he will finish. He's stubborn like that!" There are other ways I know, but they all go back to that one statement.

Merrill is the most supportive, loving and helpful wife, training partner and competitor. Every time I have had a goal or setback, she is there to brainstorm and plan how I can achieve and recover. She also knows what I need to know before I know it. When I was on my way back after getting picked up from the triathlon, I sent the first message and then she replied:
I am blue and Merrill is gray.
I have a couple "A" races in mind for the fall, but first I need to get there with even more massive amounts of training and shorter races.

In a few days I will be announcing my goals for my birthday month of June. Yes, it is the big 5-0! Tri-ing By 50 reaches 50! My goals will entail those smaller races I mentioned in the text.

I have put out a GoFundMe plea. This is something I hate to do, but I need to keep getting the word out about CAH/AI. Here is what I wrote:

"I need some help! The minimum amount I need by the end of May is $300. There are 4 triathlons that I would like to participate in from June 2-23. These are important because it is my birthday month. My 50th birthday month. This is what Tri-ing By 50 is all about. It is to show fellow CAH/AI families that nothing should stop you without trying. If you could please help, that would be greatly appreciated! Anything beyond that amount will always be used to keep the Tri-ing By 50 movement going!"

If you, or anyone you know, could help in any way, that would be wonderful. Follow this link to help: