50th Birthday Triathlon Blitz: #1 Badin Lake Tri

Yes, I am ok!

I love this picture of me laying down after the race. It answers all the questions Merrill had for me after the Badin Lake Triathlon, the first of four sprint triathlons I am doing from June 2-23. All of this to celebrate my 50th birthday.
My Sherpa...and coincidentally my beautiful wife! 

My Sherpa, AKA The Wife, Merrill, is the BEST. Looking busy, because she was making sure I was coming through each place I needed to be. She did admit that she followed me on the Family Share map on the phone while I was out on the bike. :)

The triathlon started with a 750 yard swim, then a 12+ mile ride and finished with a 3.1 mile "run."
There is something satisfying and agonizing about setting up transition.

"Did I get this set up right?" A triathlete seems to always say this, or, at least I do. I have always teased Merrill about a bucket to sit on, but after this race I think I really want one. It is a long way down and back up from the grass!
The calm before the start.

Merrill took this picture as I waited to get the go-ahead to start. It sums up what is really happening at the moment.

I actually smiled!

The bike ride was pleasant. As most races are in North Carolina, it went through some farmland and open areas. Added bonus: the ride took us past the local correctional facility. It definitely was not low security! Two positive outcomes from the ride: it was my fastest average speed and also my fastest top speed. Passing people on their bikes was a nice feeling. It means that I have made progress. What was scary about the top speed is that it was accomplished right before going over some railroad tracks which were bumpy!
Great action shot from Merrill of me coming out of transition for the run!

Hello Kitty accompanied me on the run!

Going out on the run was a sign that the end was near. After riding a bike for any amount of time, it is always weird to start running. It took me about a mile to actually start feeling like I was comfortable. After that I was able to run my intervals in some sort of fashion. From the beginning of the run, I had a goal of passing the runner that went by me at the beginning. It also meant finishing ahead of him in the standings. It's the little things that can make a competitor happy. Sticking to my intervals allowed me to do just that. SUCCESS!!!!

When I started this race, I had two goals: 1. Not finish last in my age group, and 2. Not finish last overall. There actually was a third goal: finish the race and it doesn't matter where you finish in the standings. I did accomplish all three of my goals: I did finish. I was not last in my age group. I was not last overall. That is what I call a successful race!
I have been told I need to practice my finish line celebration or just not do it.

Next up in the 50th Birthday Triathlon Blitz is Tri Latta Sprint on Saturday, June 9. This tri has a swim that is a little longer than Badin Lake. I have wanted to do this race for two years when Merrill and I volunteered at the race.

Reminder...I am dedicating the month of June to raising funds for the CARES Foundation Comprehensive Care Center for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia at CHLA (CAH Clinic), which is housed in the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism. To learn more, please follow this link: http://connect.chla.org/goto/tri-ingby50.


As always, you can help me personally by visiting my Go Fund Me page. I am going to donate 20% of all funds back to the CHLA CAH Clinic!