My finishing time didn't matter, Hello Kitty was awareness-building!

The Holy Grail of race pictures as I came to the finish of Tri Latta:
Both feet clearly off the ground, smiling, waving and Hello Kitty!

CAH Awareness Month is alive and well for this CAH Warrior triathlete.

The alarm to wake me up went off  at 3:40 a.m.! Getting up early on a Saturday is no fun. Getting up earlier than early is really no fun. Race #2 of the 50th Birthday Triathlon Blitz, Tri Latta, started at 6:30 a.m.

My original idea for this post, before the race, was that it would probably be another recap of how it went. Kind of blah, blah, blah, blah...

Instead, it is a true awareness-building recap that will have some race recap.

Three years ago, Merrill and I volunteered at the race. It was the first time either one of us had been to a triathlon. We were in awe of the swimming, the bikes and how much energy the runners had at the end. Now, I am one of those people!

This week, I did not need to lie down in the grass after the race. Yay, me!
At the end of Tri Latta, I was getting water out of the Water Monster instead of lying in the grass!

Tri Latta Sprint has a 750 meter (820 yard) swim, 12.4 mile ride and 3.1 mile run. The swim was longer than Badin Lake with the bike and run the same. Overall, I did everything quicker than Badin Lake. This made me happy...very happy. Improvement is always good.
Swim (in Mountain Island Lake)
Yes, I do realize the irony of the sign.

I am off and riding.

Run (a trail run...yuck!)
I forgot my A2 Bikes hat in transition and wow is my face and neck red! That is not sunburn.

After making it through the swim (Got a great comment about my Tough By Design Sport/TBD Racing trisuit) and the bike, I put Hello Kitty on my back and started out on the run. Usually, this is pretty uneventful, but this time I was in for a pleasant surprise times three. Right as I left transition I saw someone wearing a visor that looked familiar. It had three squares, one with swim, another with bike and a third with a starfish. It took a moment for me to realize what it really was but then it struck me...Tri*Fe. This  a line of clothing for every woman created by Meredith Atwood. She also has started a virtual triathlon team called Best Tri Club Ever, which I am member.

Back to the run start and the person wearing the visor. I said to her, "Hey, Tri*Fe!" In reply I received, "Tri*Fe. Hey I recognize you!" This was after I had passed her and she saw Hello Kitty. There were two more times for the power of Hello Kitty to get into action.

Shortly after that moment, I was on the trail (the run was a trail run rather than a road run. YUCK!) and it was my walk interval. From behind me I hear, "I've trying to catch up to you and ask about Hello Kitty." DING! DING! DING!!!!!! THIS is why I carry her on my back. CAH Awareness-Building goes into action. We keep walking as I explain about CAH, that I have it and this is exactly why I carry Hello Kitty. My run time starts to get slower at this point, but I don't care.

I kept on going, see some of Merrill's TRI IT for Life team members and I made sure to encourage them.
The TRI IT for Life ladies getting ready for their first triathlon.

As I came back from the turn-around, I stop to get water from the volunteers to pour on myself. Then the magical question is asked. "Why do you carry Hello Kitty? Is it for a child? Is it for your daughter?" Those of you who are CAH Warriors or parents of a CAH Warrior know what came next. "No, I wear it so that people like you or other runners ask questions!" On the bad side, I lost a lot of time because I had to stop, but I didn't care. While I am not a fan of trail runs, this won't stop me from doing Tri Latta again.

Like I said at the beginning...I finished and did not have to lie down on the grass.

Was this a podium finish race? Nope! Nope! Nope!

Was it a successful race for Tri-ing By 50? YES! YES! YES!

Next Saturday, June 16 (my last day as a 49-year-old) Merrill and I will be traveling to Smithfield, NC for the Three Little Pigs Sprint Triathlon! There won't be many pictures because she is doing it also! YAY!
This might be the coolest race logo ever!


As always, you can help me personally by visiting my Go Fund Me page. I am going to donate 20% of all funds back to the CHLA CAH Clinic!